Human Target is a new TV show on FOX that I just had the chance to watch today. I had DVR’d the first three episodes, so throughout the day I was able to watch them. I have to say, I really enjoyed them. The show is full of action and mayhem which is sure to please most of the short attention spans that watch TV today.

Human Target is about a man that lives off the radar and hires out as a unique body guard. He has a team of two others that help him from head quarters and occasionally out in the field. He is very much all business and seems to be able to do anything while fearing nothing. The interesting part is that he like to be paid in items, not money, so that he can continue to live off the radar. I am very interested to see where they continue to go with this theme. They hint at the fact that he might not have always been a good guy. It seems like they are going to keep his name and past as a running mystery through out the show.

Human Target has many things going for it. First, the acting is very well done and so far, the guest actors have all been known from they great work in other TV shows (Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Smallville). The characters are well written and the action is fun and clever. Second, like most TV shows today, it has a mystery going on from the very beginning, who is Christopher Chase? I like a show that keeps me wondering, it draws me into the characters and their stories. Finally, it has the larger than life action hero. Christopher Chase is the type of hero you would want on the case if you had a price on your head. He seems to be able to do anything and rarely makes a mistake. However, I did like the third episode where they showed a little more of the human side of him and how even he is not immortal.

Now that I have all the good stuff out of the way, they do go a little over the top with some of the action. That can be a good thing, but there are a lot of people that do not like physics defying stunts that no one could truly pull off. Other than that, I encourage you to watch the show, try to start at the beginning though if you can, but each episode has seemed to stand alone so far. Just remember, you may have to suspend your disbelief at time to fully enjoy the show!

Four out of Five Bears! It will hold a valued place on my DVR for the near future.

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