Well, I got the geomorph fever again tonight and couldn’t go to bed without finishing this one.  My motivation for this one was circles!  I wanted to have a bunch of overlapping circles at first, that had little trapdoors or something leading down through them.  That didn’t work out however, so I just went with the basic circle theme. You don’t see circular rooms very often in a dungeon crawl, so I thought it would make this geomorph feel a little more unique.

The only features in this geomorph are the giant pit, the pool of liquid, the secret door, and the mushrooms.  Yes those are mushrooms, at least in my mind.  In your game they might be rocks, or circular crystals, or baby jellies huddling together.  If you use it, let me know what you decide to make them!  As for the pool, my thought was either it is poisoned water, or it is some other type of opaque liquid, like mercury.  Whatever you choose, I hope you can use this geomorph and have fun with it!

Let me know what you think!


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(Edit: I realized my geomorph was tragically flawed. So I edited it.)

I had some free time this morning and decided to make another geomorph. Snikle thought my geomorphs looked a little Sci-Fi, so I decided to run with that theme and add a slightly Sci-Fi element to the geomorph, mysterious obelisk. What could have broken the obelisk and knocked it to the floor? I also added two other man made items, a flimsy walkway across a pit, and a doorway from one cavern to another. In one of the caverns I added what looks like water, but I imagine it to be a massive blue ooze, waiting for unsuspecting victims.  Or perhaps many smaller blue oozes.  All up to the GM of course.

BearMeadows Geomorph 3


Let me know what you think!


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It was so much fun making the first geomorph last night that I came right home from work today and started working on a second one.  (While the kids were sleeping of course.)  This one didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to, but who knows, someone might find a use for it.  It also took me a lot longer than I wanted it to. Right now I am using Adobe Illustrator to create my geomorphs, but I might try Photoshop or Fireworks to see if they are any easier.

I continued with my cave theme, making more of a vast cave complex complete with water, pits, and stalactites/stalagmites. This should work with any of the other geomorphs and you are free to use it however you see fit.  Please let me know what you think!


BearMeadows Geomorph 2


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So, the few RPG Blogs that I read and respect (Risus Monkey, A Character For Every Game, . .lapsus calumni. . among others) have really shaped what I post on this blog. I find myself always posting my character write-ups because I always find theirs so interesting. The same holds true for game write-ups and mapping.  They have several projects that they all participate in together, and one of them is their dedication to the geomorph project that was started by the Dyson at A Character For Every Game. I have always enjoyed the geomorphs they create and use them when I can. Dave’s Mapper is a great tool that brings them all together for a dungeon generator. On top of all this, there is now a new project to make DungeonMorph Dice, that just recently met its funding goal.


My respect for these bloggers have made me want to make a geomorph as well, and who knows, I might even make a whole set of these.  With that intro, I give you my first geomorph:


The idea behind this geomorph was either an amphitheater, arena, or perhaps just a central gathering place in a cave complex.  It has seating all around the circle as it descends to a flat area at the bottom that has a giant bear paw carved into the rock.  What does the paw represent and who were the people that used this?  Were they druids that all shared the same animal form of a bear?  Perhaps a clan of were-bears meet here to challenge each other to games of strength.  Maybe it was a gathering place for a dark cult that used it to make sacrifices to the dark god Bearthulhu.  Man, all of these give me good ideas for side adventures!

I hope you enjoy this geomorph and find some way to use it.  Please feel free to use this geomorph in whatever way you see fit, it is free for public use. Let me know what you think!


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I’ve been wanting to update the site for a while now, and had some inspiration strike tonight after a wonderful valentines with the Mrs. We were talking about love and a thought struck me about a magical item that imitated “true love”. So, without further ado, here it is.

Rod of Love

Description: The Rod of Love is a small metal rod that is easily concealable. It has no discerning features other than the runes inscribed upon it. This rod, like all magical rods, holds the spell that is inscribed upon it and can be used by anyone, even those not trained in the arcane arts, to cast the spell. Due to the power this rod possesses, it should be considered an artifact level item.

Spell: The Rod of Love holds the spell Catyr’s True Love.

History: Catyr’s True Love is a spell developed by the gnomish mage Catyr as requested by a general of the Brailian Empire. This spell, when cast upon another, causes the target to fall in love with the caster. This spell is different from other love spells because it’s goal was not to bereft the target of free will, but instead, to make them love the caster and want to help them in any way possible for a short time, usually 24 hours. The purpose of the spell was to allow soldiers of the Brailian Empire to infiltrate the Meados Kingdoms and get information in the quickest and easiest way possible.

For this purpose, several of these rods were made and distributed to soldiers of the Empire. The spell worked wonderfully at first, and awarded the Empire many victories. It did however, have a side effect. Soon, spies stopped reporting to the Empire and they were sought out to determine why. Most were found to have married or stayed with their targets. They discovered that the spell worked to mimic “true love” too well. It often caused the user to fall in love with the target as well, because a true love is a love returned in kind. The Empire ended up scraping the project, but the rods found their way into many different hands over the years, often leading to a happy lives, despite intents of the user.

Twelve rods were originally made for the empire, and the maker, Catyr, was asked not to pass on the spell or make additional rods. To the empire’s knowledge, he complied with this request. After they learned of the effects these rods could have, five were taken back and destroyed by the empire, due to the danger of their use. Seven were unable to be found and are said to still remain.

As a side note, ultimately the Brailian Empire was absorbed by the Meados Kingdoms due to a marriage of the Kingdoms’ prince with the Empire’s only heir, the princess. It is rumored that one of the rods, made to infiltrate and defeat the Meados Kingdoms, is the cause behind the alliance and the defeat of the Empire. It is not known if the rumor is true or who used the rod on whom, but the rumor continues that one rod is kept safe within the treasury of the Meados Kingdoms.

Effect: The spell will cause the target to fall in love with the caster. This has a 50/50 chance of either lasting 24 hours, or permanently. The target should get a saving throw in a stat such as Willpower or Spirit. When cast, the spell also has a 50/50 chance of affecting the caster as well as the target. If it does, the spell lasts on the caster for the same duration as the target.

I hope you all can use this magic item to have a little fun in your games!

(Edit: I added a little to the history and made a note that due to the rods power, it should be considered an artifact level item)

While I am still planning on releasing my dungeon map, I have been sidetracked by school work, but fear not, I will have it out before the end of this month. However, now that I am finished with school for the semester, I find that I just want to play a game.

It’s always tough getting people to want to play the exact same thing that you want to, so I thought I would try out the Mythic GM Emulator by Word Mill Games. I have read some good solo adventures by Risus Monkey (you should read his stuff, it’s awesome) detailing an adventure he has been playing and it just sounds awesome.

I have already rolled up a character for my game, using Risus of course, and plan to run it soon. Right now, I am programming in the rolls in a small little Java app, that will hopefully make my life a little easier as I play. Of course, if I don’t finish it soon, I will have to just play without.

I’ll be sure to post my exploits here and let you know how it worked out.