I am working on a fantasy module for Fate Accelerated and I wanted to create a few magic items that you would traditionally like to get in such games. I have started with potions and created two potions that I think will work well in FAE.  Let me know what you think!

Green Potion
This is a potion of healing, it will remove the top two most stress that you have checked (will remove stress 3 and 2 if all 3 are checked). Drinking this potion takes the place of an action during combat. The entire bottle of the potion must be drank in order for this effect to take place. The potion is light green in color and smells lightly of cinnamon. This potion tastes like a small dab of honey on your tongue and tingles all the way down.

Blue Potion
This is a potion of defense. Gain the stunt “Because of the blue potion, I get an extra +2 when I carefully defend an attack.” until the end of the scene. The entire bottle of potion must be drank in order for this effect to take place. The potion is dark blue in color and has a light jasmine smell to it. The potion tastes like an uncooked frog and dims your sight for a moment as it goes down.

Part 2 (see part 1 here)

After game creation, I had Ara and Brennen create their characters. Character creation took about 15-30 minutes, and I was explaining to a player that had never played a fate game before. Here are the characters they created.

Brennen – playing Annie Waterhouse(she smalltown American Girl)
High Concept – Finest Appretice to the swordsmaster Takashi Kato
Trouble – Crippling Protectionist
Aspect – still can’t forget Tyberious for making me clean up his mess
+3 – Careful
+2 – Quick, Sneaky
+1 – Clever, Forceful
+0 – Flashy
Stunts – Master Katana, +2 careful attack in melee,
+2 sneakly advantage to at a location,
+2 to physically overcome obstacles


Ara – playing Tyberious
High Concept – Biohacked Assassin of Bitol Corp
Trouble – Bitol Corp wants their biohacking back
Aspect – When Annie’s in Trouble I’m there.
+3 – Quick
+2 – Forceful, Sneaky
+1 – Careful, Clever
+0 – Flashy
Stunts –
Because of my 9mm, I get a +2 when I forcefully try to attack a single opponent,
1 per session pull a weapon out of nowhere reload under duress,
Because I am bio-hacked i can find an ally once per session.

We started in the City of London in a little pub on Earls Court. We decided the the two lived above the pub and while they didn’t own the pub itself, they were seen as special interests by the pub owners. This is where they are approached by an associate of Mister M. The associate proposes a heist job for a the last can of tuna known to exist. It just happens to be in the hands of a Professor Muto, whom they had just completed a different job for. The man offers a low figure, but Alice is able to overcome his resistance with a good roll and get him to negotiate up to 4.5 million credits, with half delivered up front and the other half on completion of the job.

This is where the guys took a path that I was able to handle far easier than I would have in other games. Alice wanted to try and get a job at the university briefly, to get an inside viewpoint of what they are going after. Tyberious wanted to plug in and find an ally that knows something about Professor Muto or his lab. I had Brennen roll to overcome and obstacle to see if Alice could get a job, and the roll was successful. So now that Alice had a position there, I had him roll to create an advantage. Brennen was successful again and I created a situation aspect for the heist called “Admin Assistant for the Week” and gave Brennen the free tags he had earned with a good roll. I handled Ara’s the same way and he added another situation aspect called “Ally Who Knows Muto” with one free tag.

Now that there preparation was complete, I needed to have a way to set up a visualization for the lab they were going to be infiltrating. My first thought was to search for a blueprint of a room, but I discarded that idea for a quicker and simpler method. I used my circles that were going to represent my “zones” and just set them up in a row to represent the different areas they were going to need to get through of the lab. Then I set up aspects that they would need to overcome in each of those zones. Here is what it looked like:


Now they had learned that Muto had four “research assistance” that were always with him in the lab and looked more like guards than students. In order to make it into the lab, Alice used her advantage to lure one of the guards up and get through the door that way, instead of trying to force their way in. Once they get past the “DNA locked door” they have to face the guard that just opened the door. With some good rolling, Alice sliced off his arm with enough shifts to tag him with an aspect “Lost Arm”. Yes, she sliced off his arm. ūüôā Tyberious was then able to tag that aspect and boost his roll to finish off the guard with a blow to the head from his 9mm.

Here is how I quickly stated up the four guards:

Steel Assassin – Judo, Forceful +2 Stress 3 boxes


Steel Assassin – Shooting, Quick + 2, 2 stress boxes

Two were the Judo guards and two where Shooting. It was super fast to stat them up on the fly.

They moved on to the next set of guards and Annie throws the severed arm right onto the table between them, surprising them and adding an advantage tot he situation of “Scared Stupid”.


Tyberious then also gives them “A Way Out” and encourages them to leave instead of being killed. With a fate point, Ara gets one of them to leave, but the other pulls a gun and begins firing. Annie jumps into the next zone and disposes of the guard “Wu” with one swipe of her katana, severing his legs. The other guard is rattle by Tyberious’s shooting, but not injured but Tyberious takes enough of his attention to allow Annie to relocate the top of the guards head with her katana, leaving only the professor.


I stated up the professor right then as well, here is how he came out.

Proffessor Muto, +3 clever, +2 quick, +2 careful, 3 boxes, mild, Moderate
Stunt: When carefully attacking an oppontent +2.

The professor fires at Tyberious and misses, then Tyberious hits the Muto good and the Professor has to take a Moderate Consequence of Shot in the Arm, just to stay up. At this point, they clarify what they want and Professor Muto grudgingly gives them the Tuna. However, he does promise that they will be sorry for killing his guards once their employer is notified. The two leave and Tyberious has his ally remove the video footage from the scene to keep their name clear.

And this is were we ended. We played for 3 and a half hours and it was great game. Add to that the fact that I had absolutely nothing prepared and felt comfortable with that knowledge when I started the game. I have to say that no other system has allowed me to do that. Brennen and Ara had enough fun that they want to play again next week and see what fallout happens due to this heist. I cannot wait to see either. ūüôā

This is Part 1 of my Actual play write-up…

I had the opportunity last night to run a Fate Accelerated game for two friends over Google Hangouts and wanted to share my experience. First, I have only ran the Fate Accelerated once before and played it a few times, so I am still pretty new to the game. Even so, the game ran smoothly and was pretty easy to handle as the GM.

Game Creation

Even though this was likely to be a one shot, I wanted to give my friends the full Fate Accelerated experience since they were playing for the first time. To do this, I borrowed the game creation worksheet from Fate Core and I had them give me the idea of what they wanted to play. Now, before playing Fate Accelerated, I would have been way too nervous to do this and play in that game setting on the same night. In the past, we may have made a world, but then I would have wanted a night or three between the creation and the first session to give me an idea of what to do. However, with Fate Accelerate (or FAE from here on out) I was confident that I could handle whatever they threw at me. This is a huge plus just on its own.

In around 20 to 30 minutes, Ara and Brennen had given me the following items for the game world:

  • Cyperpunk version of assasins creed cross with blade runner and the maltese falcon.
  • Ganster, kaper, heist

With these two points, we had our setting and scale.

Next, we discussed the issues their characters would be facing, and came up with the following:

  • Gangs vying for control of the city, playing gentlemen hitmen, like ronin, hired by the various factions, eventually asked to killed some of the friends
  • Immediate job to go get something from someone we just did a job for
  • One of the last frozen tuna, high grade, like a ruby, from someone they did a job for.
  • Mr. M wants sushi and hasn’t had it in 50 years.

We fleshed out the setting and issues a little to get that they were in a city with a power vacuum. The city we used was London, at some future date and time. Ara and Brennen were two associates that worked together for mutual benefit. They had just finished a job for a Professor Muto, killing off someone for the benefit of his career.

Now they are about to be approached by someone who wants them to steal a prized possession from Professor Muto, the last known can of Tuna in all of London and quite possibly the world.

Tune in more tomorrow for Part 2 – Character Creation.


It’s been a while since I have done anything with the site, but I have some more time now and plan to go back to some semi-regular updates. I sat down at the coffee table in the living room to update the site and then work on some coding, but my kids had a different idea. They came to the table with some of their Legos and wanted to play.

Now I love playing with my kids, so it wasn’t hard to get me distracted, but to top that off, they choose Legos, I mean what geek doesn’t love to play with them. So I ended up spending a few hours just building different things for them. We’ve only bought a few Lego sets recently, since my kids just got old enough to really appreciate them, and I found myself missing the giant bin of parts I used to have. I checked amazon, but man, Legos are really expensive now. I need to find a way to get some a bunch of Legos fairly cheap so that I can build plenty of cars and planes and space shuttles for each of my kids.

Plus, I just love building things with them. ūüôā

So, I was looking for some actual play podcasts for the World of Darkness the other day in order to hear how some of the game mechanics are played.¬† I’ve played a few times and enjoyed it, but I wanted to listen to other people playing and see how they handled things.

I came across Flaming Sofa Productions in my search and decided to try them out. I listened to the entire Changeling the Lost podcast and it was great. I really enjoyed the characters and players and felt like I was sitting right at the table with them.  They were a lot of fun and I learned a lot about the setting as well.

I have just started listening to the A Shadow In the Soul, but it is already proving to be just as good. If you looking for a good World of Darkness actual play podcast, I cannot recommend this podcast enough.

So I was inspired by Matt’s #Fridayfiveminutemap and wanted to see how fast I could make a simple map in CC3. ¬†I decided to map the Mayor’s Office for two reasons:

1. I need this map for my Rise of the Runelords game (this is the main reason)

2. I wanted something that was not too big in scope so that it would be fairly quick to map.

I am actually quite pleased the results. ¬†Using CC3, and mainly the Dungeon Designer 3 add-on (which is a must-have add-on in my opinion, it is a worthwhile investment), I was able to make the following map in about 15 minutes during my lunch break today. ¬†This even includes making a new tool for the wall I ended up using. ¬†Let me know what you think! ¬†I’m happy with my results.

My Rise of the Runelords, Pathfinder game is tomorrow night, and we are on Session 5.  Last week the party had to move to a new inn since the one they were staying in burned down. So they took up lodging at The Rusty Dragon, which just happened to be next door to their old inn.

I found a really nice map online to use that was made specifically for this inn, but it is a large file and it would not load for at least one of my players. That prompted me to go ahead and make a new map using CC3. I based the foundation of the inn on the map that was provided with Rise of the Runelords, so the inn size should be pretty accurate.  I only did one floor however, even though I am sure there are at least two floors.

The owner is also a bard that plays for her patrons each night. So what I decided to do was make a round stage in the center of the room, that had a stone bar that goes all the way around it. My idea here is that the owner would serve drinks at the bar, then when she decides to play, she can just hop up on the stage behind her and play for the crowd. The rest of the main hall is full of tables.  Then you have the kitchen to the back and the lodging rooms to the left side of the inn. The rooms range from a cheap common sleeping area to a couple of nice private rooms in the back.

Let me know what you think!

Rise of the Runelords - Pathfinder Game


I received some good feedback on the inn, so I made a few additional changes.  Let me know what you think of this new version:

Since I bought CC3 I have spent a lot of time playing around with its features, watching tutorials, and trying to figure out what all I need for the different games I am playing.  One thing that kept coming up, I even mentioned it in my previous post, was my need for several maps of cities.  Mainly because my Pathfinder campaign was fighting off a goblin raids throughout many different places in the city. So I decided to go ahead and dive right into the Profantasy software and bought City Designer 3 as well.

I am glad I did, it has a lot of good stuff in it and it has definitely made mapping cities a lot easier.  I made this map very quickly and easily with the software. It is for a play by email game I am playing with one of my buddies.  I enjoyed making it and feel like it is a pretty good map, especially considering it is my first city map using CD3.  The software was definitely worth the investment.  Let me know what you think.

I started playing with a new online group again this year and have enjoyed the first three sessions so far. ¬†GMing for a new group, using a game like Pathfinder, has really made me remember the importance of maps. ¬†I’ve been playing with a group that doesn’t really utilize battle maps with games where they don’t really matter for so long, that I am out of practice.

It excites me though because I always used to love making maps. ¬†I always sucked at it, but I still enjoyed it. ¬†After a few days of me trying to make maps on my own in MyPaint, I realized that yep, I’m still no artist. ¬†So I decided to use some Christmas money and buy a mapping program.

The first program I decided to go buy was Dundjinni.  I had always liked the program and had considered buying a few a years ago, but never did.  After looking at the maps that it could produce, I once again decided to give it a try and downloaded the demo and played with it for a bit.  Once again I liked it and went to buy it and then I found out something unpleasant.  It was no longer for sale!  It seems the owner went MIA a year or so ago and no can buy it anymore.  Made me sad to have the money in hand ready to give it to someone and not be able to.

Then I went over to Profantasy and started looking at Campaign Cartographer 3. ¬†I had also liked this program before but didn’t consider it at first because it is (edited for clarification) more expensive and,¬†I felt,¬†more of a professional’s piece of software, and I am far from a professional. ¬†However, after talking with the community and looking through some of the items, I decided to buy it. ¬†I also picked up Dungeon Designer 3 as well and then I started watching the tutorials.¬† And boy, and I glad I did!

It has nice user made tutorials by the way, you should check them out if you are interested. ¬†However, I did run into a problem when I couldn’t get it to work properly on my Windows 7 64 laptop. ¬†I could install it and run it, but if I tried to create a new file, it dumped me out every time. ¬†I tried everything they had listed in the forums as fixes, but nothing worked. ¬†I have put in a ticket to the support guys but haven’t heard anything yet. (It has only been a day or so, and over the weekend, so I didn’t expect to.)¬†¬†Then I decided to give it a try on my Linux laptop using Wine and guess what, it worked with no problems. ¬†I didn’t even have to do anything special.¬†¬†Anyway, I hope to get that sorted out soon as well.

That being said, I am absolutely loving CC3 and DD3.  It is a great piece of software that makes sense and is much easier to use that I have been led to believe.  Yes it has a higher learning curve, but just after a few video tutorials I was able to make the map you see below.  I think anyone could learn to use this software well.  Hats off to Profantasy for a good piece of software that is worth the money!

So the first map I decided to make was, naturally, an inn. ¬†Because let’s be honest, you can never have too many inns. ¬†I mean, your PC’s are always itching to go to an inn and decide what to do next. ¬†I decided to name it The Stag Inn, since it is close to the name of one of the inns in the city the players are currently in, and I think I can just transplant them to it. ¬†Please take a look and tell me what you think. ¬†I used Dungeon Designer 3 to make the entire thing. ¬†I’m happy, but still need to figure out how to do a few things, like make the road look more like a road and connect some of the corners of the walls better.

All in all though, not a bad job for my first try. ¬†Next up, I’m going to try to make a city. ¬†And no, I did not buy City Designer as well…I’m just going to see if I can make it happen using what I have. ¬†I don’t want to spend¬†the extra money right now¬†just to make one city map, although, I might, since chances are good my group may go to more cities in the future. ¬†Also, why doesn’t the program come with more symbols and textures? (edited: please see the comment by Ralf below. He is¬†right, I was not looking for the symbols int he right place, it does come with quite a lot of symbols¬†in a wide variety.)¬†¬†I’ll let you know how it goes. (Edit: it is going great so far!)

Download the full version without a grid here, and with a grid here.

Interested in my game?  Check out my Obsidian Portal page!

(Edit: I updated to the post to clarify how much I am liking CC3 and DD3 and to recommend it to other people)

I have started running a new game this year.  I decided to go with a game that is popular and would not be hard to get players for.  The game I went with is Pathfinder and am I enjoying it so far.  I will be posting logs and actual plays as I continue with the game.  I went back to Maptool for this game, and look forward to GMing the AP Rise of the Runelords.