So, the few RPG Blogs that I read and respect (Risus Monkey, A Character For Every Game, . .lapsus calumni. . among others) have really shaped what I post on this blog. I find myself always posting my character write-ups because I always find theirs so interesting. The same holds true for game write-ups and mapping.  They have several projects that they all participate in together, and one of them is their dedication to the geomorph project that was started by the Dyson at A Character For Every Game. I have always enjoyed the geomorphs they create and use them when I can. Dave’s Mapper is a great tool that brings them all together for a dungeon generator. On top of all this, there is now a new project to make DungeonMorph Dice, that just recently met its funding goal.


My respect for these bloggers have made me want to make a geomorph as well, and who knows, I might even make a whole set of these.  With that intro, I give you my first geomorph:


The idea behind this geomorph was either an amphitheater, arena, or perhaps just a central gathering place in a cave complex.  It has seating all around the circle as it descends to a flat area at the bottom that has a giant bear paw carved into the rock.  What does the paw represent and who were the people that used this?  Were they druids that all shared the same animal form of a bear?  Perhaps a clan of were-bears meet here to challenge each other to games of strength.  Maybe it was a gathering place for a dark cult that used it to make sacrifices to the dark god Bearthulhu.  Man, all of these give me good ideas for side adventures!

I hope you enjoy this geomorph and find some way to use it.  Please feel free to use this geomorph in whatever way you see fit, it is free for public use. Let me know what you think!


This post is also associated with the RPG Blog Carnival hosted by Dyson Logos.

2 Thoughts on “Geomorph #1

  1. A fun first geomorph. Welcome to the club!

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