I did a guest post over at my friend Snikle’s blog on Risus RPG character compendium and just happened to do Dora since we had been talking about it.  My baby girl loves that show so it is on all the time over here.  For that post, I did the characters Dora and Boots.  However, no RPG is complete without some bad guys.  So here is a Risus character post for Dora the Explorer bad guys The Grumpy Old Troll and Swiper.

The Grumpy Old Troll

  • Grumpy Old Troll (4)
  • Wellspring of Riddles (2)
  • Short, Hairy, and Harmless (2)

The grumpy old troll (who lives under the bridge) is a classic character in Dora’s adventures.  There is almost always a bridge to cross and when they did to cross it, the troll is there to stop them.  He does not want anyone crossing his bridge unless they can solve one of his many riddles.  If they can, he proves to be harmless and allows them to pass.  I wonder what would happen if Dora and Boots couldn’t solve his riddle?


  • Sneaky fox (4)
  • Master thief in it for fun (2)
  • Cleverly hides what he steals(2)
  • Honors those who call out to him thrice (1)

Swiper is a clever fox who likes to swipe items of interest from Dora and Boots.  The thing is, he isn’t interested in keeping the items for himself, but instead likes to hide the items he has swiped.  He will also leave someone alone if they call out to him three times to stop what he is doing.  (I think its a fairy creature thing)

These are two great antagonists that anyone could run in a Risus RPG that add just a little bit of fun to the game.  Hope you like them!

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