I am working on a fantasy module for Fate Accelerated and I wanted to create a few magic items that you would traditionally like to get in such games. I have started with potions and created two potions that I think will work well in FAE.  Let me know what you think!

Green Potion
This is a potion of healing, it will remove the top two most stress that you have checked (will remove stress 3 and 2 if all 3 are checked). Drinking this potion takes the place of an action during combat. The entire bottle of the potion must be drank in order for this effect to take place. The potion is light green in color and smells lightly of cinnamon. This potion tastes like a small dab of honey on your tongue and tingles all the way down.

Blue Potion
This is a potion of defense. Gain the stunt “Because of the blue potion, I get an extra +2 when I carefully defend an attack.” until the end of the scene. The entire bottle of potion must be drank in order for this effect to take place. The potion is dark blue in color and has a light jasmine smell to it. The potion tastes like an uncooked frog and dims your sight for a moment as it goes down.

I finished reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, which is the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy, and I really enjoyed it.  I read the first book earlier this year and was just now able to get to the second book.

Catching Fire was very hard to put down once I really got into the book.  However, it did seem to start a little slower than I remember the first book starting.  I believe I was around 10% to 12% of Catching Fire on my Kindle before I really had trouble setting it down to do something else, but once I got past that point, the pages started turning faster and faster.

This book starts off right where the last book ended.  The main character, Katniss Everdeen, has not been home very long when this book opens.  You get to see how her life has changed before it really gets into the main plot of this book.  The action picks back up like you expect and keeps going to the end.

I like the way Suzanne Collins is able to make me visualize the the world, including the setting, the people, and the technology.  To me, they seem to be very believable characters, not just in the way they are described, but also in the way the character views them.  I enjoy the the way the author allows you to understand things going on that the character doesn’t, but then also surprises you with things that both you and the character didn’t know were happening.  For me, it is nice when I am not able to always guess what is going to happen.  Also, I felt like this book had some significant character development, and you could actually see the main character changing and becoming aware of more things going on around her than just herself, which is always fun to read.

There are a couple of things that I did not like about the book, but they were not big enough to detract from my enjoyment.  First, the story is told from the point of view of a girl that cannot seem to make up her mind about two boys.  This seems to be pretty popular in young adult fiction these days, and it can be very annoying.  However, it was not something detracted much from the book.  Other than that one thing, I did not have any problem getting into the story, even though it was from a female’s perspective.  Second, the main problem I have with the book is the fact that it does not end properly.  With the first book, I felt like it had a very nice wrap-up ending.  Yes you knew that there could be more story, but it was a strong ending and I would have been satisfied if no more books had come from it.  With this ending though, I know there has to be a third book, and it feels more like this is just a part one of a two part book.  The one good thing that can be said about it though, is that its a lot like LOST the TV show, where it did answer a lot of questions, but it added even more than it answered.  Please keep in mind that these two negatives were very minor to me.

Overall, I have to give this book five out of five bear paws!  I highly recommend it to anyone and think that everyone should give it a try.

The 24 Hour RPG contest is held 1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewriters site, or 1KM1KT for sort.  It is a contest that I stumbled upon this year thanks to my friend Snikle.
This is a very cool and very fun contest that they have held every year since 2004 (if my facts are wrong guys, let me know).  Let me give you a run-down of the way the contest worked this year.  They gave several wacky phrases as themes or ideas for the rpg and we had to incoporate one of them.  Then we had to have an NPC somewhere in our game book named Keeton.  Then we had to submit on the forum the theme that we were using so that they would get the start time.  From there, we had 24 hours to put together as much of an RPG as possible.
Amazingly enough, there are a lot of entries to the contest and some of them are pretty awesome!  The best part?  They are free!  You can go and download them right now and have a cool new game to play on your next game night.  Can people cheat?  Sure they could, but I like to think that us gamers have a code of honor that would never allow us to do that.
Sounds pretty crazy right?  Trust me, it is.  It is also a whole lot of fun.  I never thought I would even make an attempt at an RPG, but this was a challenge I couldn’t pass up.  I took the theme of “I think I’m a clone now” and went at it.  Unfortunately for me, it was a holiday weekend and people ended up visiting and several other things happened, so I didn’t get as much time to work on it as I wanted, but I did it.  I sumbitted my super hero RPG called “The Awakening” 23 hours and 54 minutes after I started it. 
Was it what I thought it would be?  No, I wasn’t able to add near as much to it as I would have liked.  Being creative actually takes a lot of time.  But the important part is that I finished…well, sorta I guess.  I sumbitted it, so that means its finished!  There were several things in my head that I wanted to get down, but I just didn’t have a chance.  The adventure that formed in my head that sparked the whole thing didn’t even get put in.  I still plan on adding though.  Let me know what you think!  Here is my entry:  Awakening
The original forum entry can be found here: Awakening.