Saturday night I had a little bit of free time before bed, so I wanted to start in on my Mythic GME solo game using Risus.  I was inspired by Risus Monkey, so I will try to use his template when keeping track of my solo sessions.  I really only had time on Saturday to do a brief character creation, which lead to some interesting story elements that I will have to include in the game.  Hopefully I will have some time tonight to play some more.  So, for your entertainment, here are the notes from my brief play Saturday.

When creating my character,  I thought of two things that I would like to really define that character.  I chose Alchemist and Wild Mage, because I was in the mood for this type of character. (The guys who play with me will laugh because they say I am always in the mood play a magic user.) So I listed these two as my first two clichés.  There was nothing else I was set on playing, so I decided to roll up random clichés for my last too.  Using my Mythic GME program, I rolled a d100 and got 97. Searching the list of random clichés that I had, I found it to be: Visitor from the future…hmm, okay, that’s odd, not sure where to go here.

At this point I was going to ignore this roll and just roll again, but decided to let the dice lay where they were rolled…or something like that.  I think it will add an interesting twist on the whole adventure.  So I decided that my character comes from a time where the world is more advanced, an Eberron-like setting, with technological advances, through magic, and traveled back to where the world is far less advanced and developed.

I decided it was important to find out right away if I was sent back on purpose or not, since it would affect the way I began the whole adventure.  So I got the chance to ask my first question of the Mythic GME program. So I set the odds to “Unlikely” and Chaos to 5 and rolled:

Question: Did I come back in time on purpose?

Answer: You rolled a 96: Exceptional No!


Okay, so not only did I not come back on purpose, but it was also completely against my will.  Maybe I triggered some ancient trap, or perhaps someone maliciously sent me back in time.  Now I decided to ask a clarifying question, which had to be more complex, so I used Risus Monkey’s method of viewing a random page on a wiki to find the answer.  I picked the World of Warcraft wiki, because I thought it would be fun.

Complex Question: How did I get sent back through time?

Answer: (Using random page) I was sent to the page “Master Summoner“.


Very interesting, so then I was summoned back through time… Okay, I see the beginnings of a story here. Let’s get my last cliché and finish my character, then com back to this for the intro storyline.

Rolling on the random cliché list to get my last one, and I rolled a 35. Ex-Mercenary, I like it and can work with this cliché really well.  What happened to the rest of the Mercenaries I wonder?  Guess it probably doesn’t matter since they would be far into the future.

I then found a random name generator at Seventh Sanctum and got the name Annette Mia Knox .  I wasn’t expecting to play a female character, but I’ll roll with what I get.  I will probably be using Seventh Sanctum a lot for this game since it has a lot of really neat random generators.


My results:

Character: Annette Mia Knox

Everyone calls her Mia.  She is a short girl at 5’8″ and weighs 140 pounds.  She is ex-Mercenary that was summoned through time for some, as of yet, unknown reason.   She is a mage that relies on her magic and alchemy to see her out of tough situations.  She does however, carry two black powder guns that she crafted herself and, through her experience as an ex-mercenary, she has become a decent marksman.  Her current mission is to find her way back home…

  • Wild Mage (4)
  • Alchemist (3)
  • Ex-Mercenary (2)
  • Visitor from the future (1)

    This adventure looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to play… Let me know what you think!

    I’ve often used other sites character’s when I need some good NPC’s at times, instead of making up my own. Plus, I often like to see the characters that other people come up with. Since I like character compendium’s so much, I thought I would continue to add to my own using either actual NPC’s that I have or famous characters or people.

    With that, I give you the Risus version of Richard Castle from ABC’s series Castle:

    Richard Castle

    Wealthy, Best-Selling Mystery Writer (4)
    Ruggedly Handsome and Eccentric Aristocrat (4)
    Honorary NYPD Detective (2)

    Richard Castle is a well-connected and wealthy best-selling mystery novelist. He has friends in high places in New York and through these friends are able to ghost with an NYPD Detective Kate Beckett in order to do research for his new mystery novels. He actually ends up being useful during investigations due to his inquisitive mind and being able to see how things might fit together in a unique way that the others do not.

    Let me know what you think!

    Our group got together the other night to play a game and we ended up deciding on a super heroes game using Risus. Snikle already did a great write-up on the game, so, instead of repeating the process, I thought I would do a little write-up on how we came up with the game and how I GMed it.

    First off, we started out getting together a little before our regular meeting time. Now here I need to say, we play exclusively online since we are all in different states. We use Skype to communicate and we usually just text during the week, but for game night, we use voice. We have all used different virtual tables, such as Maptool and Fantasy Grounds, but because of the free form nature of the games we have been playing, we’ve just been using Google docs and a die roller.

    Now, we like to Google up different images and something that catches our interest. This night, it was the Kick-Ass movie trailer that caused us to choose super heroes and Risus seemed to be the easiest system to implement on the fly. I said I would GM and off we went.

    The guys made very colorful characters, as you can see below:

    John’s Character: The Night Owl (Spencer Morgan)
    Hotel Lounge Hypnotist (4)
    “Insecuricist” (3) – Able to make people feel insecure through the use of backhanded compliments.
    “Sorta Sleepless” (2) – Never, ever sleeps, except sometimes in times of stress.
    Motivational Poster Photographer (1)

    Snikle’s Character: Pittfall (Angelina Pitt)
    A Teen Drama Queen Band Geek who can KICK-ASS with her dual clarinets(4) current (4)
    Never fully dressed and can use it to her advantage(4) current (4)
    A dreamer who thinks that she the bastard child of John Woo and an Anime character(2) current (2)

    Brennen’s Character: The Hoodoo Doctor (aka Orangelo ‘Gelo’ Lincoln)

    Mysterious Spiffy Dressing Voodoo Priest (4)
    Womanizing North Country Blues Guitarist (3)
    Can speak fluent Spanish, but only when stoned (2)
    Insecure Barbecue Chef moonlighting as a graphic arts student (1)

    Now we decided on the location of Memphis Tennesee and off we went to create an adventure. I decided to throw in a little of one of my favorite games, Inspectres!, and had them tell me about their head quarters. I even made them roll for the stuff they came up with. Here is pretty much how the HQ part went:

    A small three room flat above the Beer-O-Mat.

    Matt want’s a pet guinea pig. Matt rolls a 13, A pet guinea pig that is dyed green that is named Henry Rollins that Matt’s character believes is physic that she consults for cases. He lives off weed grown by Ogranoloo.

    Brennen: vintage suitcase with hot sauce collection with medicinal properties.
    Rolls a 15

    John wants ventriloquist dummy that he used to have in his act before it starting freaking him out. Believes the dummy is a master interrogator. Tommy Pines, hewn out of rough Pine.
    Rolls a 12.

    Brennen wants a mid 70’s conversion van with a water bed interior hydroponic garden, wet bar, and it is a low rider.
    Rolls a 15. Driver of the copped van is Eye-Patch Jan. She lost her eye in one of the acts with John’s character.

    Now, they had to come up with images that suited each of these, so we spent a lot of time googling for the best pictures with lots of fun and laughter. You can see two of the great images above. This is of course one of the things I really like about our group, we have a lot of fun playing, but usually have just as much fun coming up with characters or games.

    Now as for DMing the game, I asked the players what they wanted to do. We ended up bantering around in their base, doing laundry, when a Thug came in to hold up the place. The great thing about Risus is it was really easy to come up with the bad guys. Here is my stated out bad guy:

    Drunk Gang-banger (5)
    Slow 6-shooter (3)
    Wannabe ninja moves (2)

    They took care of him very fast and ended up getting into a cooking contest with the chef, which they also won. Again, I stated up the chef and actually had a cooking duel, which was easy to use do with Risus.

    The rest of the night went as you read in Snikle’s post. They fought a few more thugs, then went on to the hideout where they took out guards and guests alike with a combination of pretty girl and great BBQ sauce. However, they did let one guy go, the guy that had been standing at the bar. One of the guys commented that it had been too easy and then realized they hadn’t found the big bad guy. Remember the guy they let go? Oh yeah, that was him. They were surprised and happy (I think) that the adventure could continue. All in all it was a good little adventure and I think the guys had fun.

    I’m going to be playing in game with Snikle, so I made a character and thought I would post it here. Meet Dirk Chandler:

    Dirk Chandler
    Dirk Chandler is 42 and is still in prime physical condition. He maintains his shape by continuing to train with firefighters, but he is no longer one. He is the owner of Chandler’s Books and searches out the old, rare, curious and strange.

    He has close cropped blonde hair and a bushy mustache. He wears rugged outdoorsman clothes and can most often be found in his bookstore or with his good friend Father Locke at St. Patrick’s.

    Curious book collector and store owner (5)
    Ruggedly fit and still able to pass all the fireman’s training tests (4)
    Surprisingly deep pockets (3)

    Father Locke – a catholic priest just a few years older than Dirk that is close friend. Though Dirk may not agree with all Locke has to say, he respects him and shares many a tale with the Father. They enjoy sitting around telling stories, talking about old books, and drinking good whiskey.

    Cordelia Callahan – Dirk’s love interest. Cordelia is about 11 years younger than Dirk and has been married before. It did not end well for her, so she is only interested in taking it really slow with Dirk. They have been seeing each other for over a year now and are close, but anything more is still a long ways off. Cordelia is a journalist for the Chicago Tribune.

    Kurtis Trent – Dirk is not sure if he even knows this mysterious persons real name, but he is Dirk’s contact for old or rare books. Kurtis will come to Chicago every few months and have new things to sale to Dirk. Dirk suspects these items are acquired by less than honest means, but cannot keep his curiosity in check enough not to buy items from Kurtis. Kurtis often makes him feel a little uneasy, but it is worth being around him to get a chance to see some of the treasures he brings to Dirk’s store.

    Cortez Trotter – Current fire chief that was on the fire brigade with Dirk when he was still a fireman. They are friends and the chief allows Dirk to still come and train with the firefighters, but they keep most of their talk to tales of their old exploits as firemen.

    Dirk was a firefighter during the great Chicago Fire of 1871. It was a horrible incident where Dirk saw things that he could not explain. After the fire, he left Chicago to travel a while and came back with a small collection of rare books and the idea to start a book store. With a little help from some of his family, he was able to open and maintain the bookstore. Dirk lives above the store and maintains a modest lifestyle, most would be amazed to know that he has amassed quite an amount of wealth through his collecting and selling of old books (those that do not interest him enough to keep).

    He spends time collecting old, rare, or curious books, and researching about the occult and other things pertaining to the arcane. He is still trying to find the answers to the experiences he had in the great Chicago fire.

    Curious book collector and store owner: Too curious for his own good, good business sense, great at evaluating the worth of books, able to repair and restore old books, knows a good deal when he sees one
    Ruggedly fit and still able to pass all the fireman’s training tests: able to withstand intense heat for a short period of time, able to carry a large amount of weight, able to bust in a wooden door, knows his way around an axe, knows how to run through a burning building, knows how to spot structural weaknesses, able to run many flights of stairs without getting winded
    Surprisingly Deep Pockets: Lots of monetary resources, his financial situation is not commonly known

    I did a guest post over at my friend Snikle’s blog on Risus RPG character compendium and just happened to do Dora since we had been talking about it.  My baby girl loves that show so it is on all the time over here.  For that post, I did the characters Dora and Boots.  However, no RPG is complete without some bad guys.  So here is a Risus character post for Dora the Explorer bad guys The Grumpy Old Troll and Swiper.

    The Grumpy Old Troll

    • Grumpy Old Troll (4)
    • Wellspring of Riddles (2)
    • Short, Hairy, and Harmless (2)

    The grumpy old troll (who lives under the bridge) is a classic character in Dora’s adventures.  There is almost always a bridge to cross and when they did to cross it, the troll is there to stop them.  He does not want anyone crossing his bridge unless they can solve one of his many riddles.  If they can, he proves to be harmless and allows them to pass.  I wonder what would happen if Dora and Boots couldn’t solve his riddle?


    • Sneaky fox (4)
    • Master thief in it for fun (2)
    • Cleverly hides what he steals(2)
    • Honors those who call out to him thrice (1)

    Swiper is a clever fox who likes to swipe items of interest from Dora and Boots.  The thing is, he isn’t interested in keeping the items for himself, but instead likes to hide the items he has swiped.  He will also leave someone alone if they call out to him three times to stop what he is doing.  (I think its a fairy creature thing)

    These are two great antagonists that anyone could run in a Risus RPG that add just a little bit of fun to the game.  Hope you like them!