Hello all, we played another game this week of S7S and two more people able to join in on this session. I wanted to briefly post the characters though before posting about the session.

Characters in S7S are incredibly easy to create, yet the hold an amazing amount of complexity. The doors are wide open to you when you can choose or make up anything to be a Forte. Because of this, and the fact that our other two players did not know what they wanted to be, we went ahead and held a character creation session the night before so I could answer all their questions and be able to jump right into the game on Thursday night.

Here are all four player characters that played this week:
“Trynn” (Lady Tareynn of House Xevian)
Foible: Style Over Simplicity
Motivation: Explore the World (+2)
Nationality: Barathi (+2)
Past: Fled a noble upbringing (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Trained by an Imperial Spider (+4)
Forte: Rogue(+2)
Forte: Acrobatic (+2)
– Maneuver
– Chained to Imperial Spider
– Condition = close combat

“Just a Pretty Face”
– Foe (vs. Men)
– Chained to Rogue
– Condition: acting non-threatening

– Weapon
– Chained to Imperial Spider

– Idiom
– Chained to Imperial Spider
Foible: I am loyal to and protective of Trynn, regardless of the consequences
Motivation: Revenge myself upon the man who sold me into slavery (+2)
Nationality: Sha Ka Ruq (+2)
Past: I am a former Slave to a Barathi House (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Savage Warrior (+4)
Forte: Gift: Merhorse(+2)
Forte: Hunter (+2)
Savage Warrior Technique: Intimidation
Savage Warrior Technique: Dual Scimitars
Savage Warrior Technique: Huge Muscles
Hunter Technique: Tracking
“Markato Maldonado”
Foible: Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge
Motivation: Restore Honor to your family name (+2)
Nationality: Barathi (+2)
Past: Scholar (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Pirate (+2)
Forte: Alchemy (+2)
Forte: Past [Ex-Physician to a Noble House] (+2)
Forte: Rogue (+2)
Pirate Technique: Playful Swordplay
Pirate Technique: My Astute Observation Skills Will Scare You
Pirate Technique: Never Met a Female That Didn’t Like Him
Rogue Technique: Master of Disguise
“Malstrom the Malevolent”
Foible: Weakness toward the opposite sex
Motivation: Great wealth for great freedom (+2)
Nationality: Ilwuz (+2)
Past: Profession: Merchant (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Pirate (+4)
Forte: Skyship Captain (+2)
Forte: Firearms (+2)
Pirate Technique: Warrops (Drunken, Insane Attempt)
Pirate Technique: Evading
Merchant Technique: Read My Opponent

Let me know what you guys think!