It’s been a while since I have done anything with the site, but I have some more time now and plan to go back to some semi-regular updates. I sat down at the coffee table in the living room to update the site and then work on some coding, but my kids had a different idea. They came to the table with some of their Legos and wanted to play.

Now I love playing with my kids, so it wasn’t hard to get me distracted, but to top that off, they choose Legos, I mean what geek doesn’t love to play with them. So I ended up spending a few hours just building different things for them. We’ve only bought a few Lego sets recently, since my kids just got old enough to really appreciate them, and I found myself missing the giant bin of parts I used to have. I checked amazon, but man, Legos are really expensive now. I need to find a way to get some a bunch of Legos fairly cheap so that I can build plenty of cars and planes and space shuttles for each of my kids.

Plus, I just love building things with them. 🙂