I’m going to be playing in game with Snikle, so I made a character and thought I would post it here. Meet Dirk Chandler:

Dirk Chandler
Dirk Chandler is 42 and is still in prime physical condition. He maintains his shape by continuing to train with firefighters, but he is no longer one. He is the owner of Chandler’s Books and searches out the old, rare, curious and strange.

He has close cropped blonde hair and a bushy mustache. He wears rugged outdoorsman clothes and can most often be found in his bookstore or with his good friend Father Locke at St. Patrick’s.

Curious book collector and store owner (5)
Ruggedly fit and still able to pass all the fireman’s training tests (4)
Surprisingly deep pockets (3)

Father Locke – a catholic priest just a few years older than Dirk that is close friend. Though Dirk may not agree with all Locke has to say, he respects him and shares many a tale with the Father. They enjoy sitting around telling stories, talking about old books, and drinking good whiskey.

Cordelia Callahan – Dirk’s love interest. Cordelia is about 11 years younger than Dirk and has been married before. It did not end well for her, so she is only interested in taking it really slow with Dirk. They have been seeing each other for over a year now and are close, but anything more is still a long ways off. Cordelia is a journalist for the Chicago Tribune.

Kurtis Trent – Dirk is not sure if he even knows this mysterious persons real name, but he is Dirk’s contact for old or rare books. Kurtis will come to Chicago every few months and have new things to sale to Dirk. Dirk suspects these items are acquired by less than honest means, but cannot keep his curiosity in check enough not to buy items from Kurtis. Kurtis often makes him feel a little uneasy, but it is worth being around him to get a chance to see some of the treasures he brings to Dirk’s store.

Cortez Trotter – Current fire chief that was on the fire brigade with Dirk when he was still a fireman. They are friends and the chief allows Dirk to still come and train with the firefighters, but they keep most of their talk to tales of their old exploits as firemen.

Dirk was a firefighter during the great Chicago Fire of 1871. It was a horrible incident where Dirk saw things that he could not explain. After the fire, he left Chicago to travel a while and came back with a small collection of rare books and the idea to start a book store. With a little help from some of his family, he was able to open and maintain the bookstore. Dirk lives above the store and maintains a modest lifestyle, most would be amazed to know that he has amassed quite an amount of wealth through his collecting and selling of old books (those that do not interest him enough to keep).

He spends time collecting old, rare, or curious books, and researching about the occult and other things pertaining to the arcane. He is still trying to find the answers to the experiences he had in the great Chicago fire.

Curious book collector and store owner: Too curious for his own good, good business sense, great at evaluating the worth of books, able to repair and restore old books, knows a good deal when he sees one
Ruggedly fit and still able to pass all the fireman’s training tests: able to withstand intense heat for a short period of time, able to carry a large amount of weight, able to bust in a wooden door, knows his way around an axe, knows how to run through a burning building, knows how to spot structural weaknesses, able to run many flights of stairs without getting winded
Surprisingly Deep Pockets: Lots of monetary resources, his financial situation is not commonly known