Okay, I don’t care who you are, if you appreciate role playing games at all, these sodas are awesome. I’ve never had Jones soda before, but I might have to buy a pack just for the geek value. Maybe take them and display them at work. They are just too fun not to post about. Click on the picture to go to the website to order.

I had some free time the other night and the some of the guys were online, so we decided to run a game at short notice. We choose Inspectres because it requires no preperation and it is incredibly easy to just pick up and run, even with new people. I encourage you to check it out and pick it up (here is the link), it is a really cheap and awesome game!

We played this game via Skype and Google Docs.

Here are the characters that the guys quickly made:
Brennen’s Character
Name: Amelia Dubois
Description: A thin, sickly girl in her mid-20s. She dresses in old handmade dresses from the 1940s.
Background: Amelia has been haunted since she was a small child because of her psychic abilities. As a result, she was ostracized by her classmates and sought refuge in the library of the ancient boarding school her parents abandoned her to.
Talent/Weird Abilities: +1 die when contacting spirits
Characteristics: She knows lots of eccentric old psychics.
Academics -4
Athletics – 1
Technology – 1
Contact – 3

John’s Character
Name: Danny Morrow
Position: Gopher/Intern/CEO
Description: High school kid. Tall, lanky.
Background: Starting pitcher on the varsity baseball team. Started hanging around the franchise after a weird encounter. Not one of the cool jocks, but has a foot in that world simply by virtue of being integral to the baseball team. Volunteered to be an errand runner for the group just to be a part of the team and get some insight into this other world.
Talent/Weird Abilities: Can throw virtually anything with uncanny accuracy.
Academics – 2
Athletics – 4
Technology – 1
Contact – 2

Jared’s Character
Name: Marvin Thomas
Descripton: Wimpy, nerdy, hacker, bookish type. Inventor and master-mind (hard for me to play, I think)
Background: Once lived in a home with parents. Now lives in an apartment. The end.
Talent/Weird Abilities: Max Brooks +1 to weapons when dealing with zombies, ghouls, or other corporeal undead/monsters.
Characteristics: Strong, silent type wrapped up in a 90 pound weakling’s body.
Academics – 4
Athletics – 1
Technology – 3
Contact – 1

We had a fourth player join us, but his Skype cut out before we got started and he never did join back in.

After the characters were made, we took time to build the franchise. The way it works is that whoever comes up with the materials that they want for the franchise have to make a Technology roll. This really keeps things interesting as they succeed or fail, and many times, them telling me what they get when they fail is much funnier than when they succeed.

Small franchise. Landlord owns property, old, dilapidated victorian mansion. Independent business.
Landlord does not know what they do.
Danny Morrow’s old aunt is financing the business. She expects a decent return, better than the stock market. Wants proof that ghosts are real.
Large branch of the Inspectres Corp just moved into the area.
Ghosts are the specialty of this franchise.
Secretary: Melissa, good secretary, a little ditsy and does not believe in ghosts. She thinks they are crazy, but doesn’t say anything because she needs to pay the rent.
Library: Misc unsorted books that he can sometimes use.
Danny’s Car: Old ’70s Cadillac convertible. Sea-green and an eight track player. Bad Company track jammed into the player that cannot get out.
Contacting Spirits Equipment: Equipment that can contact or capture spirits.
Brennen has a haunted Ouija board but by a ghost or demon that just likes to screw with him.
Danny: has a bag of Wiccan blessed baseball gear. Bats and balls and helmet.
Jared rolled a 4 on tech for the flashlights and got the following:
Flashlights: Old, cheap flashlights. Christmas lights ducktaped to a beer helmet with a 9 volt battery in the beer spot.
Brennen rolls for uniforms (2) but wants the GM to decide the fate, I oblige with the following:
Uniform – Old person velcro shoes, horrible plaid pants, with suspenders. Wife beaters with a suede jacket to go over it. Garbage bags with holes cut out. Old fishing hats with the lures still in them.

Gym: 3
Library: 2
Credit Card: 2

Starting Interview
Aunt Portia Morrow brings in her bridge team, as potential investors. She asks many questions and tries to point out they they make a decent profit, however Amelia keeps pointing out that they haven’t been paid yet. Danny is uncomfortable since his aunt made him CEO even though he is the youngest member of the crew and has the least amount of experience. Marvin was just off in his own little world.

I made a roll here on the random chart, and this is what I got: 8,5,2,3 – Frantic, City worker, Transformation, In the water.
So I came up with: Olmar – Overweight balding man working for the labor union wants to hire them because they were working in the sewer and it froze over. His buddy turned into a block of ice.

Jared jumped right into the first confessional and gave us the following:
Jared Confession – Young kids just impulsive and wanted to jump right down in the sewer. Don’t they know what happened last time? Fortunately, I just finished my Ghost Toaster 9000. Hopefully we can keep from getting it wet.

Brennen rolls 5 on contact- (gaining one franchise die) and finds out that the workers have been hearing noises and whispers, but they thought it was expanding pipes and drunkards.

Jared rolled a 6 on academics (gaining two franchise dice) to see what he could find out about the situation. He learned of the Stink fairy (Etherious Malodorous): A notorious urban legend known for haunting toilets. He jumped to the conclusion that this is what was causing the problems in the sewers.

Investigation & Suit-up:
The team heads for the sewers and jumps right in. It is still mainly frozen, but has a little melt off on the top.

Amelia attempts to contact spirits. (gets a 6 for contact – gaining 2 franchise dice). She starts to shake and then she says coldly, “They are buried down here in the sewer, its so cold, so very cold.”

Amelia takes to the confessional booth this time and tells us:
Amelia Confession – I know Danny was supposed to be a good pitcher, but I didn’t realize he could pitch that fast and accurate with a piece of poo.

Since this is the first time Danny has seen Amelia contact spirits, he gets a little stressed out and has to roll two stress dice. He ends up with a low 2, and gets frazzled! He takes two ranks of damage in contact, and has a hard time talking from then on.

Marvin attempts to get more information from Amelia. (Rolls a 5 in contact, gains 1 franchise die) She discloses that there are lots of dead people down here in the sewer. As they go deeper into the dark tunnels they find a large cavernous open area. Here it appears the city dug under a cemetery and the coffins fell into the cavern into the poo. The spirits are fairly perturbed about this.

Danny is already frazzled, so he is unfazed, but seeing all those coffins, bodies, and spirits, Amelia and Marvin both have to roll two stress dice. They pass with flying colors though, each of them with a 5 as their lowest roll and they shake it off to continue business as usual.

Amelia rolls a contact ( 2 sixes, gets 2 franchise dice) to see what more she can find out. Her eyes roll back in her head and starts babbling and falls into a puddle of poop. She recovers and says, there is something down here and it is very angry, he has been in the area for a long time, before the white man came. She doesn’t think it is a fairy. She thinks it is an ancient bog spirit.

Marvin starts to set up the ghost toaster where it won’t get wet. (Rolls a 6, gaining another 2 franchise)
Gets it set up and aims at the appropraite direction and sets it off. It works, and keeps running too well and starts to suck the cavern in a little bit. Amelia, notices why they can get it to shut off, Marvin used duct tape for the switch.

Danny starts to run towards the toaster, with his baseball bat, but he slips and goes face first into the muck, bat flying out of his hands into the muck. Still several yards short, he comes up with a frozen turn and hurls it. (He gets a 6, gaining 2 franchise dice) It goes end over end and impales the side of the toaster. It sparks and goes silent. The stench hits the group as the hot toaster melts the turd.

Marvin and Amelia tell Danny to carry the toaster out, but Danny pulls rank and tells Marvin to carry the toaster back.

Amelia goes into the office of records and researches the matter. (She rolls two 6s, gets 2 franchise dice) She borrows the library phone and calls Danny. Apparently his great uncle Harold is the engineer who planned to build the sewers directly under the cemetery. They have to set it right or the spirits will never rest. Danny asks that they don’t tell Aunt Portia, but Amelia thinks they should.

Cut scene where they are flying down the highway. Montage, the car is going down the road with Bad Company blaring as they are on the way to meet with Olmar.

They wrap up the job by meeting with the Olmar for tea and tell him what they found out and collect the money. Amelia makes sure they get a little extra for her own pocket. The sewer hasn’t unfrozen yet, and they are going to have to remove the bodies and re-bury them but the ghosts are taken care of. They put the ghosts in a containment system that should contain the next thousand years. (The camera cuts to the garage where the cadalic is housed and the lights come on with the eight track player starts to play.)

Roll Credits.

That’s where we ended the game. We had wrapped up the investigation a little early because of the late hour and the fact that they had reached their franchise dice goal. All in all, it was a great game and we had a lot of fun.

Picture John found...

We played our second session of S7S the other night and I finally had a chance to listen to the recording and take proper notes. Here is the actual play of the session, I hope you find it as amusing as we did! The really interseting part of this game is that we played it using Skype and Onenote! A shared Onenote notebook is really an awesome thing. Now we just need to find a die roller add-in for Onenote.

Scene One:
The session started where we left off on session one. Markato (played by Matt) was heading into the hold of a boat called the Dancer’s Dream to investigate, while Mal (played by Rob) was on the ship Merchant’s Game, looking for clues while sabotaging the ship.

Markato finds the hold loaded down with armor, weapons, gunpowder, and all sorts of armament, as if the ship is prepared for some type of battle. He also finds two people in the brig, which is by the magazine of the ship, Trynn and Gamba (played by John and Brennen). When questioned as to why they were in the brig, Trynn and Gamba told Markato that they had been drunk and boarded the wrong ship by accident. Markato let himself into the brig and using his Rogue and Pirate fortes, he was able to get the shackles off the two, now sobered, prisoners.

Scene Two:
Back on the Merchant’s game, Mal goes up to the top of the deck and lectures the crew about a saboteur that is in their ranks. He explains that he wants the saboteur found before he is able to sabotage anything and that everything looks in tip top shape. He then, makes a hasty departure and rushes back to Markato.

Scene Three:
Markato has been talking to Trynn and Gamba and convinces them to join h im in a join venture. As they are talking, they hear a shout go up, “All hands on deck, Captain on board!” The crew all runs up to the deck while Markato quietly shuts the brig door with the three of them in there. He confesses to the two that he is not exactly who he claimed to be a moment ago and that the situation could get a bit “hairy” and tells them that a quick exit may be necessary. Gamba freaks out a little at this, but tells Trynn to just stick to whatever plan Markato has and not to improvise.

(Side note – here we got a bit confused about whether the front and back of the ship were called aft or bow and which side was starboard and port. John came to the rescue by posting a picture into onenote that answered the question. The information age is good! We all had a laugh at the title of the picture though. I included it here so you can see for yourselves.)

There was a small ventilation shaft running from the brig to the top of ship that allowed them to hear what was going on. The captain told the crew that Barstrom (who Markato is disguised as) ran into trouble and that they were going to have to move up the time tables of the trip. The crew is silent for a moment, then one finally speaks up and says, “but captain, Barstrom is on board right now, he’s down inspecting the holds…” The captain roars that this is impossible and tells the crew to find him immediately!

Markato hatches a plan and asks Gamba if he can make a fire. At this point, we had a little fun because Gamba said that he can make a fire out of anything, just give him two random objects to rub together and presto, fire! It was a great little add-in and they found two sticks that he could make a fire with. Markatos plan is to blow up the magazine! Once Gamba starts the a couple of fires, he gets a flash (Gift of the Merhorse Forte) of two people opening the door and entering the hold. He grabs his two scimitars and waits next to the door. Very shortly, two guys check the door and yell “FIRE!” then jump into the hold. Unfortunately for them, Gamba was waiting…

Gamba uses a full attack and uses his Savage Warrior forte with his duel scimitar technique to reroll a die, getting him 16. His defense is just his +4.
The two minions roll and 12, netting them 4 damage ranks. Their offense is just +2. So Gamba narrates that he steps up with this scimitars crossed, and uncrosses them, taking off both their heads. He comments, “Now you will remember the name Gamba.”

The fires are smoking now and the other crew is alerted to the fire. So Markato grabs some buckets and the three run up the stairs. Markato sheds all of the disguise that he can, and tells other they pass to go and grab more buckets so they can get the fire out. Up top, the captain is telling everyone that the fire is the first priority!

Trynn makes herself look more presentable as they are getting to the top of the ship, and tells a sailor “I’m a lady, shouldn’t they get off first? Help me!” The sailor points her to the gangplank, but Gamba sweeps her up over his shoulder and carries her off, all the while Trynn is kicking him in protest. Gamba is also carrying an extra sack that bulges with what looks like two bowling balls. Mal makes it to the ship just as they were getting off.

(Gamba described himself as a bald Echo character from Lost at this point, and I awarded both Gamba and Markato with a style die for the plan and the fire)

Scene Four:
They all head to Denny’s Pub to decided what to do. Mal gives them all the information on the other ship, and they try to figure out what the plain is the people are trying to pull. In the end, they all decide they will follow the Merchant’s Game, wait until they have harvested the Airwhale Ambregris, then try to take over their vessel.

They decide to load up on chain and grapeshot, just incase, but they do not want to destroy the vessel. The Merchant’s game is a between the size of a sky junk and a sky galleon, with lots of cargo room and a slow top speed. It does have 12 cannons though. Theoretically, they can mane the boat with three people, but they are drinking when making this plan…

Scene Five:
On the way to the ship, Markato stops by a ladies shop and buys a fancy ladies gown for Trynn, has it boxed up and stowed away so the rest of the crew does not know. Their ship is two docks over from the Dancer’s Dream so they can crawl up to the crows nest and check on it.
Mid-afternoon the next day, they see that there a ship-wrights making repairs and they are trying to figure out who the heck the bodies belong to. They estimate it will take a day to make repairs to the Dream.

Matt here uses a style dice to introduce an element: While Gamba is spying, he knows Trynn was married to one of the other noble houses and he has a secret dark side as an imperial spider. And that man comes onto the boat being fixed, because it is Trynn’s husband. He dumped Trynn and that is why she drinks so much now. He is somewhat disfigured because of what Gamba did to him. Brennen spent a style dice to add the disfigured. John spends one to say she is still married and part of the reason she fled the house. She ran away because she was being constrained into the role of wife. Gamba was his slave and Gamba is fierce loyal to Trynn so he kicked her husband’s butt. Gamba watched Trynn grow up. Her husband found out she was going to run away and he branded her like he branded his slaves.

Gamba gets a vision with the gift of the Merhorse. A face he doesn’t recognize, but someone important heading to the Bloody Maiden with someone that he does from the Merchant’s Game crew member. When he explains the vision, it is someone Markato and Mal had worked with before on the Bloody Maiden. The guy has a peg leg, the navigator from a previous run.

Also, there is talk out along the docks that people are on the lookout for a Gamba, Trynn, and Markato. They have a good description of Gamba and Trynn, but not Markato due to his disguise. There is a price for all information about them.

Soon, two people start to approach the ship. They see it is Peg Leg Willie, and they remember that he is a guy that would sell his mother for 2 pieces of silver. “Me and my friend here are looking for work.” They have a little history with the guy. They ask for permission to come aboard, but Markato denies it at first.
At this point, the game came to a close because I lost internet connection, and when I got back, one of the other players had lost connection to. So stay tuned to find out how this adventure concludes with the final session!

Hello all, we played another game this week of S7S and two more people able to join in on this session. I wanted to briefly post the characters though before posting about the session.

Characters in S7S are incredibly easy to create, yet the hold an amazing amount of complexity. The doors are wide open to you when you can choose or make up anything to be a Forte. Because of this, and the fact that our other two players did not know what they wanted to be, we went ahead and held a character creation session the night before so I could answer all their questions and be able to jump right into the game on Thursday night.

Here are all four player characters that played this week:
“Trynn” (Lady Tareynn of House Xevian)
Foible: Style Over Simplicity
Motivation: Explore the World (+2)
Nationality: Barathi (+2)
Past: Fled a noble upbringing (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Trained by an Imperial Spider (+4)
Forte: Rogue(+2)
Forte: Acrobatic (+2)
– Maneuver
– Chained to Imperial Spider
– Condition = close combat

“Just a Pretty Face”
– Foe (vs. Men)
– Chained to Rogue
– Condition: acting non-threatening

– Weapon
– Chained to Imperial Spider

– Idiom
– Chained to Imperial Spider
Foible: I am loyal to and protective of Trynn, regardless of the consequences
Motivation: Revenge myself upon the man who sold me into slavery (+2)
Nationality: Sha Ka Ruq (+2)
Past: I am a former Slave to a Barathi House (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Savage Warrior (+4)
Forte: Gift: Merhorse(+2)
Forte: Hunter (+2)
Savage Warrior Technique: Intimidation
Savage Warrior Technique: Dual Scimitars
Savage Warrior Technique: Huge Muscles
Hunter Technique: Tracking
“Markato Maldonado”
Foible: Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge
Motivation: Restore Honor to your family name (+2)
Nationality: Barathi (+2)
Past: Scholar (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Pirate (+2)
Forte: Alchemy (+2)
Forte: Past [Ex-Physician to a Noble House] (+2)
Forte: Rogue (+2)
Pirate Technique: Playful Swordplay
Pirate Technique: My Astute Observation Skills Will Scare You
Pirate Technique: Never Met a Female That Didn’t Like Him
Rogue Technique: Master of Disguise
“Malstrom the Malevolent”
Foible: Weakness toward the opposite sex
Motivation: Great wealth for great freedom (+2)
Nationality: Ilwuz (+2)
Past: Profession: Merchant (+2)
Swashbuckling Forte: Pirate (+4)
Forte: Skyship Captain (+2)
Forte: Firearms (+2)
Pirate Technique: Warrops (Drunken, Insane Attempt)
Pirate Technique: Evading
Merchant Technique: Read My Opponent

Let me know what you guys think!

I have unfortunately been sick the past two days, and because of that, I have had a chance to go through my Netflix instant queue, watching a lot of stuff I normally don’t have time to sit down and watch. One of the movies I decided to try was The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

Right from the beginning, you can tell it is a low budget film. That isn’t a bad thing for me, but if you are expecting state of the art spell effects, you’re not going to find them in this movie. It starts out in the actual game world they are playing in, showing the party as it moves through the dungeon and eventually, gets TPKed (Total Party Killed). They are playing D&D in the movie, so if you have experience playing D&D, you will really enjoy the references.

The movie is full of gamer jokes, making fun of classes and stats, and all the things that can normally happen around a table. It is full of humor and yet manages to stay away from most of the raunchy stuff. Everything happens as you expect it would while playing a tabletop rpg. They stay very true to the subject, and it really drew me in.

The characters in the movie are fun and about what you would expect if you played a pick-up game at a game store. How concerned the players were with experience, gold, and seducing the bar maid really made me laugh out loud at some of my own memories of people that I have played with. For just the laughs and memories, the movie is definitely worth watching.

Halfway through the movie, I realized my wife was also watching and laughing too, though she is not really a tabletop gamer. If she enjoyed it, I know most tabletop players will like the movie. Heck, if you have Netflix, just stick it in your instant queue and it won’t cost you anything but the time to sit down and watch it.

Four out of five Bears!