Episode2screenshotEpisode two went really well, but it wasn’t really an episode.  We had two new players join us for this session, but they were the only ones able to make it.  The three players that started the adventure the week before couldn’t come to the game.

So instead of a regular game, we had a character creation session, then we did a quick combat with our two new guys to see how their characters would do and to get them up on the rules.  All in all, it went very well.  You can see the screenshot to the left of the combat.

I was also testing out a screencapture program that I had downloaded called CamStudio.  It is a free download and you are able to set it up so that it will take screenshots every 5 seconds or so (or however often you want it to) and make a movie out of it.  I think the software is okay, but I would like something better.  The screen quality isn’t as good as I would like.  Anyone have any ideas?  I will be posting the video if my server allows it, it did get pretty large.

I also recorded our ventrillo session, but it is a large file, 34 megs, even as an mp3, so I will not be posting that.  I need to figure out a better way to record our sessions.